Ironman Australia - 9th Pro Male

Race Report
9th Pro male in 9hr09min
Swim 53:50, ride 5:09, run 3:02


Over a longer than usual summer up in Townsville it was tough training but I managed to adapt my training and listen to my body well. This meant shorting my long rides but increasing their frequency, and dropping my intensity a tab to get through them. By doing this I have been able to train consistently through the hot and humid summer. Additionally doing an indoor cycling session at Veloworx once or twice a week in the cool air con meant I could still hit some good intensity each week.

Similarly in my run I reduce my long runs, ran more frequently but got up to slightly cooler temperatures out the back of Paluma rainforest for a few runs to ensure I could still run long. Swimming was a tab easier though the water felt like soup, I just stayed consistent, hitting 3 sessions a week with two at Peak Performance Swimming squad for the 18 weeks leading into the race.

I also stayed consistent with my recovery/injury prevention strategy by heading for massage and chiro every two weeks at Tri Massage and Northern Beaches Chiropractic. I feel like it has made a big difference for me this year.



The swim was frantic from the gun, and not long after the start I dropped off the front pack. This didn’t worry me, I was confident in my ride and run and I knew a few pro athletes were even further back behind me. In the only two pro races which I have done, both halfs, I was at the back out of the swim so was actually a little excited not to be at the very back in my weakest discipline. I stayed calm and was happy enough to time trial the rest of my day, which I did end up doing.

The swim is a pleasant river swim in Port Macquarie at a nice water temp of 21 degrees. Over the swim you cross the weir twice, which provided a nice difference to the swim and it really didn’t bother me having to climb up and over the scaffolding stairs. From the top each way I could see the gap ahead and behind, it would be a solo swim. But I held steady and came out of the water in 53min50sec consistent with the majority of ironman swims so couldn’t complain.


In 19 ironman races I hadn’t done a flying mount, but had been practising in training and wanted to give it a go. It was actually pretty easy although mine felt like it was in slow motion but I didn’t crash! Jumping on the bike I realised my power wasn’t connected so had to turn garmin off and on. Silly error should check when I switched garmin on that morning but would have only loss a few seconds sorting.

Getting up and over the hills for the first part of the bike leg I got a bit too excited and pushed my power level a bit higher than I had planned. As I started to get back down to a more appropriate ride power, uber biker Dougal Allen came pass and I upped my power again to try and hang on legal 12 meters back of course but was probably not the best move and had to let him go. Not long after 40 odd kilometres one of armrest pads fell off and so I had to bin the other and ride the remainder of the ride with my arms rubbing and bouncing on the hard ribbed carbon not the most fun and have some good bruises to account for it. I guess that’s ironman for you, there is always something and its about dealing with issues as best you can on the day and not giving up.

The remainder of the first lap (of 2) I manage to sit back at my target watts and started to pick up a few pro riders who had blown. The Port Macquarie course is not one to mess with, the tough hills, very rough ravelled and potholed roads and frequent gusty winds and thus there was chaos all days as athletes were falling apart. The second lap, my power surges earlier on in the ride started to hit me and my power was suffering but I managed to hold on to the end of the ride and pick up another position on the bike. I later find out both my nominal and average wattage were around 12 watts higher than any ironman previous.


Through transition and I was out on the run. I didn’t really know how far up the next competitor so tried to just get into my rhythm. I always find one of the toughest things to do at the start of the run is hold back and literally put the brakes on I seem to go out too hard. The pace wasn’t too bad this time round maybe a little quick, the hill near the start of the run bought my thought pattern back in order and I dropped back to a suitable pace. From there the run is always about survival, its about fatiguing as slow as possible. I made sure I hit my nutrition plan that I had put together with James from the Australian Nutrition Centre and carried through good form, keeping my legs at a good cadence, running tall with a slight lean forward. I am a bigger framed athlete so I know form is crucial to my running speed. As the run went on guys up ahead were folding and I sure enough started to pick up a few more places.

By the end of the race I wasn’t quite sure where I placed but I was proud of my performance. Although I was a wee way off my best time set in Cairns a few years earlier when I considering the course and those conditions along with having to time trial the day by myself I believe it was my strongest ever performance. I ended up finishing 9th Pro male in 9hr09min. (break down Swim 53:50, ride 5:09, run 3:02)

Next race

Next major race for me is Ironman Cairns followed the Townsville Running Festival Daikin Half Marathon and with my build so far this year I am excited to see how I go.

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