Mackay Triathlon Festival Course Preview

With only 4 weeks to the Mackay Triathlon Festival, its the perfect opportunity to provide an insite and tips on the course and how to have a great day out there.

First up the swim in the pristine waters at Mackay, the typical water temperature this weekend is high 21'c which is very cosy. This is marginally below the Triathlon Australia wetsuit forbidden temperature but this can vary, so be prepared for either a wetsuit or non wetsuit swim. The beach is a pleasant under foot soft sand which will make for fast entry/exit out of the water. The tide times for Sunday Morning are for a low tide (1.11m) at 0659am so be ready to execute some wading and dolphin dives to get your swim underway. Remember to pace yourself for your chosen distance, the start is renown for adrenalin boosted speeds which will no doubt come back to haunt you. Depending on the winds race morning there can be some calm unbroken waves here, and with box shape loop, I recommend you site the bouys well to ensure you swim the shortest distance. Out of the water and up the beach is fairly quick and there is always a great crowd to cheer you on out of the water.

On to the ride, and the course is straight out and back loop, so be prepared for some super quick timetrial times depending how the wind is race morning. The surface is fairly quick but well aged asphalt for the most part. Depending on your distance and your estimated time you may wish to take on board a few gels to get you through. The air Temperature will likely be around 18-25 degrees warming up throughout the morning so some sort of electrolyte to take would be recommended. If you are doing the Olympic distance, the turnaround for the second lap is the roundabout not transition so make sure you don’t miss it.

The Run lap really is the highlight for me on this course, running along the Mackay breakwater is second to none but it can get hot so make sure you take water/electrolyte on course so you can run hard through to the end of the run. The course is generally flat and fast, but there isn’t a lot of shade and if the temperature gets up you will need to pace yourself properly. Remember to turn right at the roundabout into the lighthouse tavern carpark. Smile there is plenty of support on this loop and everyone wants to see how much fun you are having.

Look forward to seeing you all there. If you haven’t registered yet. Click to Register here and more information regarding the event can be found at

Course Maps here